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Black Sesame Seeds (4 Pound Case)

Black Sesame Seeds (4 Pound Case)Black Sesame Seeds (4 Pound Case)
  • Store in a cool, dry place for 1-3 months if not refrigerated. If refrigerated, shelf life is up to 6 months.
  • This product is certified Kosher Pareve.
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    Black Sesame seeds add a rich nutty taste and a delicate crunch to many Asian dishes. They are used on fish, salads, breads and sauces. Black sesame seeds are known to have more flavor than white sesam... [Read More]

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    Black Sesame Seeds
    By CA from CA on March 11, 2013
    It's ok, usually the black sesame seeds have very good strong aroma. The color should look completed black. It seems there were some lighter, not so very black. Where is the orgin of the black sesame seed the company purchase, it's ok, not that great?
    The smell aroma not that good, color not complete black.

    By Charles Hsu from San Diego, CA on May 12, 2011
    Very good quality black sesame seeds and happy to ordered it.

    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Black Sesame Seeds (4 Pound Case)
    Sesame Seeds.
    Allergen Information:  This product is produced at a facility producing soy, peanuts, tree nuts and milk products. May contain elements soy, peanuts, tree nuts and milk products.
    Serving Size 1.1 oz (30g)
    Servings per pound: About 15
    Calories per Serving: 160
    Calories from Fat per Serving: 130

    Total Fat: 14g; Saturated Fat: 2.5g; Trans Fat: 0g; Cholesterol: 0mg; Sodium: 0mg; Total Carbohydrate: 3g; Dietary Fiber: 3g; Sugars: 0g; Protein: 5g

    % of Recommended Daily Allowance: Vitamin A: 0%, Vitamin C: 0%, Calcium: 40%, Iron: 20%
    Consider the tiny sesame seed: so much power packed into such small space. Venerated for its flavor and health benefits since 1600 BC, sesame seeds are high in protein, manganese, B-vitamins, iron, magnesium, copper, calcium, and lignans. Lignans are a beneficial fiber with proven anti-cancer, antioxidant and antimicrobial benefits. The lignans in sesame seeds have been shown to help lower high blood pressure by reducing sodium levels in the body, and they exert a protective effect on the liver. Sesame seeds are also an excellent source of essential monounsaturated fatty acids, specifically, omega-3, omega 6 and omega-9. Fatty acids, which are known to reduce the risk for several cancers, provide extra protection against developing Alzheimer’s disease, and reduce the risk of coronary artery disease and stroke. Tiny, but powerful, sesame seeds (and sesame oil) help regulate blood sugar levels, a critical component in the fight against type 2 diabetes.

    According to a study published in the journal, Nutrition Research, sesame seeds were shown to decrease LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Specifically, the fatty acids in sesame seeds increased the elasticity of blood vessels and helped prevent the build-up of plaque in arteries - all-important factors in the fight against heart disease. Additionally, the omega-3 fatty acids in sesame seeds may help boost mood and even fight the blues. Next time sprinkle on a few sesame seeds on your favorite foods instead of reaching for the salt. They make a flavor and healthier alternative to salt.

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    Black Sesame seeds add a rich nutty taste and a delicate crunch to many Asian dishes. They are used on fish, salads, breads and sauces. Black sesame seeds are known to have more flavor than white sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are rich in iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, and calcium, and contain vitamin B1 (thiamine) and vitamin E (tocopherol). Net WT. 4 Pound Bag.

    Black Sesame Seeds (4 Pound Case)