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Cashew Butter Makes These Sandwich Combinations Pop!

Lunchtime is a time to have fun with food, but so many of us choose to go with the old standbys. PB & J. Ham and cheese. Turkey with lettuce and tomato. Sure, they’re all delicious, but what if you’re tired of the same old thing? At SuperiorNutStore.com, lunch just got a whole lot more interesting.

Cashew butter is becoming a fast lunchtime favorite for those who want to jazz up the traditional sandwich with a little something different. This nut butter packs a flavorful punch and spreads easily on veggies, fruits, breads, cheeses or crackers. Not sure how to best enjoy cashew butter? Let some of these sandwich ideas be your guide!

All of these sandwiches are easy to make and include ingredients that you can always find in your pantry or refrigerator. Remember – lunch doesn’t have to be boring. You can always spice things up with a bit of nut butter and creative ingredient combinations. Speaking of nut butter, you can also add some dimension to your sandwiches using flavored cashew butters from our selection. At SuperiorNutStore.com, we offer traditional and flavored cashew nut butter varieties including:

These nut butters pair perfectly with your favorite ingredient combinations to make a breakfast, lunch, or snack that is sure to be a little taste of heaven.