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Cordials - Rich Dark Chocolate Perfectly Paired With Flavored Fillings

Pure Chocolate Bliss. If you are a true aficionado of dark chocolate decadence you have come to the right place. Creamy dark chocolate cordials with a variety of absolutely ambrosial centers. No, you are not dreaming.
Cherry Cordials (1 Pound Bag)
Reg. Price:$7.25
Our Price: $5.80
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Cherry Cordials (5 Pound Bag)
Reg. Price:$34.95
Our Price: $27.96
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Cherry Cordials (10 Pound Case)
Reg. Price:$59.95
Our Price: $47.96
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The taste, the texture, the velvety chocolate goodness of these Cordials...yum, has resistance ever been this futile? Give in and enjoy. Premium dark chocolate surrounds an unmatched variety of flavored centers including, amaretto, rum, blackberry brandy, raspberry, cherry, cocoa cappuccino, tiramisu, pomegranate and hazelnut. From the first bite of a Rum or Pomegranate Cordial, the intensity of these flavors will convince you that this is one indulgence that deserves your full attention.

The words "buy in bulk" have never been more appropriate. Each flavored Cordial is conveniently available in one and four pound bags, as well as the ever so heavenly 10 pound case. Imagine, you can order Amaretto or Tiramisu Cordials in a 10 pound case! The myriad health benefits of dark chocolate should go a long way to ease any guilty feelings. Studies show dark chocolate can lower mild high blood pressure, and it's high in heart-protective antioxidants. Fill a basket or decorative tin with Cordials for an impressive hostess or teacher gift, a gracious thank you, or a thoughtful corporate tribute. Watch these luscious Cordials can turn an ordinary day into something special.