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Rich, Sweet and Oh-So-Delicious - Hazelnut Praline

Entertain in style with the addition of our delicious Hazelnut Praline to your favorite desserts. Comfort food becomes seriously decadent when you add sweet Hazelnut Praline to the mix.
American Almond Hazelnut Praline Paste (11oz Can)
Our Price: $11.95
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American Almond Hazelnut Praline Paste (7 lb. Can)
Our Price: $64.95
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It's no accident that our Hazelnut Praline tastes so scrumptious. We ground fresh, roasted hazelnuts and mixed them with sugar to create a paste that can turn gelato into something special, or melted chocolate into something spectacular. Satisfy the sweet tooth of the most discriminating family and guests with mouthwatering desserts made with our delightful paste. Fill chocolate truffles with Hazelnut Praline for a zesty surprise, infuse buttercream icing with its decadent richness, mix its subtle sweetness into oatmeal, or simply slather it on chewy French bread for what can only be described as good eats.

We love nuts and sugar - who doesn't? Slay the fiercest cravings with a Hazelnut Praline that will add a scrumptious finish to any sweet treat. Use it in your favorite recipes, and watch it transform traditional after-dinner treats into desserts your guests will want to linger over. Wickedly indulgent, the flavorful nuttiness of this Hazelnut Praline will make your favorite desserts even more of a comfort.