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Get Excited About Food, Again With These Infused Oils

Delectable extra virgin olive oil and canola oil permeated with aromatic, flavorful herbs, garlic, and peppers. A tantalizing medley of delicious oils that are sure to transform your favorite foods.
Infused oils make a delightful addition to any cook's pantry, and are guaranteed to bring a delightful new dimension to your favorite dishes. With their intense aromas, these exquisitely delicious Infused Oils take dishes from ordinary to extraordinary. Great for dipping with crusty bread, we're confident these oils will be the first thing to disappear from your party table. Entertaining is easier when you have the best ingredients in the your pantry, so no worries, we can fill large orders - we know after one taste, you'll want to stock up.

Whether it's the savory Herb Infused Garlic Oil, Basil Oil, and Jalapeno Oil (for those who like it hot!), the scrumptious Herb Infused Dipping Oil, or the mouthwatering Gourmet Oil Sampler, these are must-haves for the home chef's pantry. Remember to keep one or two in your private reserve when you crave a gourmet snack treat. Better yet, combine any of these fragrant Infused Oils with friends, family, and a fine wine - now that's what we call a party.