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Brighten Your Day with Zesty, Delicious Candied Lemon Peels!

Some people were lucky enough to grow up with Candied Lemon Peels. In their households, these little delicacies were probably an annual holiday tradition. They would gather up the plump ripe fruits, wash them thoroughly, remove the bright yellow rinds, shave off the bitter zest and cut the rinds into thin strips. Into a big pot of sugar-water syrup the prepared rinds would go, to boil until they were properly infused with sweetness—soft and tender, but still beautifully bright and lemony. Once cooled, the translucent rinds would be sugar-glazed to harden the finish, and then they were ready. These lemon peel candies made wonderful sweet snacks all by themselves (perhaps even more so when dipped into decadent dark or white chocolate), but they were absolutely delightful when used in baking.
Candied Lemon Peels (1 Pound Bag)
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Candied Lemon Peels (4 Pound Bag)
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Candied Lemon Peels (10 Pound Case)
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Try these Candied Lemon Peels in your next fruitcake, and you’ll never use store-bought citron again! They bring just the right mix of tart and sweet along with that rich fresh-lemon flavor. And that combination works incredibly well with many other baked goods as well. You can chop the strips into your cake and quick bread batters, stir them into cookie dough, or simply use as a garnish to add a taste of sunshine to your finished product. Try sprinkling a few peels into a bowl of flavored ice cream, or add to hot or cold beverages like hot coffee, tea, sparkling wine or your favorite cocktails. That sweet-tart lemony flavor just goes so well with so many others—you’ll never lack for new combinations to try.

Superior Nut Store makes it easy for you to enjoy these traditional treats, with convenient package sizes of one, four or ten pounds at hard-to-find bulk prices. For the holidays, or any time of year, our Candied Lemon Peels are guaranteed to add a little extra zest to your life. Order today!