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Low Sodium (Salt Free) Nuts

Sodium is widely present in processed foods, and seasoning food with salt at the table is a very popular practice. Yet dietary intake of sodium is thought to contribute to a range of health problems, and many have been advised by their physicians to adopt a low sodium diet.

According to the FDA, a low sodium food contains 140 mg or less of sodium. Low sodium diets contain fewer sodium containing foods than the typical diet. Most low sodium diets limit sodium intake from 500 mg to 1500 mg daily. At www.SuperiorNutStore.com we have a large selection of Raw "Natural" Nuts and of Roasted & Unsalted Nuts. We have listed some products on this page but for a more complete selection, visit the following sections: Nut Gift Tins, Nut Gift Boxes, Natural Raw Nuts,and Nuts By The Pound.

For more information about low sodium diets, check out:

  • www.nhlbi.nih.gov
  • www.eatright.org
  • www.americanheart.org
  • www.nutrition.gov
  • Note: The information provided here is for educational purposes only. In no way should it be considered as medical advice. Please keep in mind that there are products available in this category that may not be shown on our list.

    Roasted California Pistachio Meats Gift Tin
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    8oz Superior Mixed Nuts Gift Tin
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    Natural "Raw" Jumbo Almonds Gift Tin
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    14oz Roasted Mammoth Pecan Gift Tin
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    Cashew & Mixed Nuts Gift Box Duo
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    Royal  Whole Macadamias
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    If you're cutting back on salt, don't worry you can still have your favorite snacks. Here at the Superior Nut Company we offer a scrumptious variety of nuts and seeds without the added salt including Roasted Pistachios without the shell, Deluxe Special Mixed Nuts, Giant Whole Cashews and Roasted Mammoth Pecans in decorative gift tins.

    Decreasing the amount of salt, and thereby sodium, in your diet may aid in reducing high blood pressure, a major risk factor in cardiovascular disease. We believe there is no need to sacrifice full flavor and straight-up yumminess in the pursuit of good health. Try our Royal Whole Macadamia Nuts or Cashew and Mixed Nuts Gift Box Duo and see how delicious and decadent no salt alternatives can be.