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Mixed Nut Canisters

Deluxe Mixed Nuts, 9oz Canisters (Pack of 3)
Our Price: $15.95
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Crunchy, delectable and, most importantly, astoundingly nutritious, nuts are some of the most delicious and healthy treats you can snack on. When you buy mixed nuts in bulk from the Superior Nut Company, you will have plenty on hand for entertaining, cooking, baking or just plain ole’ snacking. Our gourmet mixed nuts only contain the highest quality nuts available that have been carefully selected and roasted on site to ensure optimal freshness and flavor. Each canister of Deluxe Mixed Nuts with no peanuts included contains cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, filberts (hazelnuts), and pecans.

Gourmet mixed nuts are a mouth-watering nosh, but they’re incredibly healthy, too. The varieties in our Deluxe Mixed Nuts blend contains an astounding level of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that contribute to overall improved body health, organ function, skin, teeth, hair, etc. You’ll quench your craving for crunchy saltiness and supply your body with the nutrients it needs to function to its maximum potential.