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Nectarines - A Yummy High Fiber, High Energy Snack at Your Service

Delicious dried Nectarines are great to snack on after a hard workout, or when you need a late afternoon burst of energy. High in fiber and beta carotene, try these Nectarines the next time you crave a tasty, healthy bite.
Dried Nectarines (1 Pound Bag) - No Sugar added
Our Price: $5.95
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Dried Nectarines (10 Pound Case)
Our Price: $56.95
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The facts are these: dried Nectarines are delicious and packed with fiber. Modestly sweet with slightly tart taste, they fit the bill when you want a filling and tasty snack. Made from premium Nectarines and with no added sugar, this is sure to become your favorite healthy bite. That's why we thought ahead and offer this delectable treat in a resealable one pound bag or smart 10 pound case.

Diced, minced, chopped....all great ways to add versatile dried Nectarines to your favorite cakes, cookie, tarts, or muffins. Need to bring a little zing to your morning cereal? Want to add a little zip to your lunch time salad? Sprinkle chopped Nectarines over them to bring more flavor and flair to your usual fare. Dried Nectarines are an easy and delightfully scrumptious way to enhance the texture and moisture level in your favorite foods. These dried Nectarines can ramp up the nutrient value of your cooking without adding preservatives.