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Nut Baskets Add Flavor to Your Holiday Party

The holiday season is a time for warmth, celebration, and of course, flavor. Around the holidays, we usually pull out all the stops in our kitchen to make recipes that any chef would envy. Between holiday parties, gift giving, and just the festive spirit of the season, there are plenty of reasons to spice up your meal routine with unexpected or special ingredients. If you’re planning on hosting a holiday party in your home this season, there’s an easy way to incorporate some flavor without needing the help of your kitchen.

Nut baskets and towers from SuperiorNutStore.com are sure to add flavor to your next occasion. They make your table look better instantly by providing a simple but elegant centerpiece. But the best part is that these centerpieces are completely edible! Browse through our nut baskets to find varieties featuring chocolates, nuts, dried fruit, and more. With so many different nut baskets to choose from, it’ll be a breeze to find the one that best suits your holiday party. Once you’ve selected the right nut basket, put one or two in the middle of your table for sharing in between courses. It’s a lovely snack idea that’s practical and pretty!

Besides using nut baskets as centerpieces, here are some other creative ideas for incorporating nuts into your holiday celebration:

Make nuts a part of your menu! There are plenty of holiday recipes that use nuts as a featured ingredient. Breads, muffins, stuffing, sides, main courses…you name it and there’s a nut that pairs perfectly with it. Check out the Superior Nut Store blog for nut recipes that are sure to get your party guests talking.