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Ten Good Reasons To Add More Nuts To Your Diet

Why eat nuts? If you ask everyone here at the Superior Nut Company, a question like that is pretty much on par with “why breathe air?” Nuts are a way of life for us, and we can think of hundreds of good reasons to make them part of your daily routine. From peanuts to almonds to walnuts, we’ve studied and sampled every nut there is.

We took our experience and made a list of our top ten reasons to add more nuts to your diet. Whether for taste or for your health, there are a lot of great reasons to eat nuts!

10. Nuts add flavor! Whether it’s in your ice cream Sunday or mixed in a salad, nuts add a wonderful layer of flavor on top of other foods. They’re also great for adding some texture to an otherwise uninteresting meal.

9. They’re good for your heart. The heart health benefits of nuts have been proven over and over again. A handful every day will help keep your heart pumping strong.

8. Nuts may lower your cholesterol. Most nuts are high in fat, but they’re the good kind of fat that can help lower and balance your cholesterol levels.

7. Fatty Omega 3 acids can improve brain power. Just like fish, many nuts are rich in Omega 3. This fatty acid is critical to a healthy mind to go with your healthy body.

6. Nuts make a good afternoon snack. Stop reaching for the candy bar and take some peanuts or almonds instead. You’ll still get a satisfying snack, but you’ll ditch empty calories for a food that improves your health.

5. Nuts have Fiber. More fiber is good for your heart, and can help prevent diabetes. It also makes you feel fuller, so you’ll eat less later.

4. They’re great for cooking. While you might be used to snacking on nuts or adding them to desserts, many nuts make a great addition to sides and main dishes.

3. Kids love them! It’s an easy way to add some extra nutrition to your children’s diet. Even baking them in cookies makes a special treat a little healthier.

2. Some people claim that certain nuts, like almonds, can lift your mood. Why not try nuts as a natural anti-depressant?

1. They taste so great!