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Organic Dried Fruits for Gifting, Snacking, or Cooking

Organic dried fruits are great for giving as gifts, especially if you want to give someone a gift that can fit with their healthy lifestyle. Some people will send fresh organic fruit, but sometimes, the fruit will end up spoiling before it's eaten or you just get so much in a gift that it's too hard to try to use all of those fruits up! Instead of causing worry with fresh fruit (they're thoughtful, but we have something better), try gifting someone you love with organic dried fruits, which can be enjoyed long after the occasion has passed! These delectable and luxurious treats don't sacrifice on flavor and can be a great gift for any holiday or celebration.

You don't need to wait for holidays or special occasions, though, to enjoy or send organic dried fruits. Our organic dried dates, figs and apricots are perfect for snacking at any time. The natural sugars provide energy, and combining pieces of dry fruit with nuts makes it easy to refuel quickly at work or during an activity. Plus, when you choose organic products, you're choosing products that are less likely to be exposed to pesticides and other harmful ingredients. Think about incorporating these choices into your brown bag lunches for work, or ack them into the kids' lunches as healthy alternatives to snack cakes and crackers.

There are many exciting ways to use organic dried fruits in your culinary endeavors, too. While best known for use in fruitcakes, organic dried fruits like dates, figs, and apricots can also be worked into a variety of everyday recipes for extra nutrition. For example, your quick breads can take on an extra level of complexity through the addition of interesting chopped nuts and tiny pieces of organic dried fruits. This will work well with muffins, as well. Sprinkle organic dried fruits over yogurt for a healthy breakfast. Incorporate them into your homemade granola. Think about using pieces of dried fruit in a chicken salad or creative slaw. The possibilities are endless!

Looking for an alternative to jellies or jams? Organic dried fruits can quickly be made into spreads through boiling and pureeing. Use enough water to cover the fruit, simmering until the wrinkles disappear. Use a slotted spoon to remove the fruit from the fluid, transferring to a blender. Puree, add seasonings or reserved cooking liquid to enrich the flavor and texture and voila! You have something great to eat on toast, biscuits, or bagels.

Who knew there were so many possibilities for enjoying dried fruits grown organically?