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Stock Up on a Superior Super-Seed with an Organic Quinoa Bulk Case!

Whether you run your own restaurant or are an avid cook, buying organic quinoa bulk cases can save you time and money compared to purchasing smaller sized bags. Because of its unparalleled versatility, it is easy to incorporate quinoa into countless dishes. And when you consider its easy-to-love taste, texture, and nutritional profile, there’s no mystery to how quickly it disappears from your pantry!

Organic Quinoa is Gluten-Free, Packed with Protein, and Rich in Calcium

While quinoa is certainly not a ‘new’ food by any means, it is enjoying increased popularity as of late. As more people become aware of this super-seed and the many benefits it offers, they are finding ways to incorporate it into their diet often, making organic quinoa bulk cases a smart investment.

Among the best things about quinoa is that it is a seed just about everyone can enjoy! It is similar in taste and texture to rice, albeit it a bit fluffier and nuttier. It is a super-seed high in protein, calcium, and all nine essential amino acids. That makes it an especially smart choice for vegetarians and vegans looking for a healthy, non-animal-derived source of important protein and calcium.

Our 10-pound organic quinoa bulk case was created with our quinoa-loving customers in mind. We wanted to offer a fair price on a superior product that many people enjoy in a size that makes sense. We also offer smaller 1-pound and 4-pound bags of quinoa, but our 10-pound organic quinoa bulk case has become more popular than we could have hoped for! As quinoa fans ourselves, who are always striving to eat more healthfully without sacrificing satiety or taste, we couldn’t be happier to see this seed earning the legions of followers it deserves.

Superior Nut Company offers organic quinoa bulk cases in the light cream color most people are familiar with, as well as red quinoa. We find the red quinoa to have a more robust flavor - earthier and nuttier - though some people say they can’t discern much of a difference. Red quinoa also tends to hold its shape a bit better when cooked, and this firmer consistency makes it ideal for salads. Not sure which you’ll like best? Grab a 1-lb. bag of each to give them a try! Chances are good you’ll like both as they are quite similar, and many people mix the two to give their dish not only a fine flavor, but attractive appearance.