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Celebrate The New Little Lady In Your Life With Pink Jordan Almonds

The newest addition to your family will no doubt be welcomed with open arms when the big day comes. Whether you're celebrating the birth of your first child, or the addition of another little one to the clan, it's a reason to party! It doesn't matter if it's a baby shower or an informal BBQ in the backyard after she comes home from the hospital, it's a celebration. Create a party the family will remember and enjoy without much hassle with cute decorations and pink Jordan almonds.

Pink jordan almonds are the perfect favor for the arrival of your new baby girl. Jordon almonds are a traditional symbol of happiness and celebration, most often seen at weddings. The fresh almond itself is often a bit bitter, which symbolizes the hard times in life that we all face. The sugar coating is symbolic of the sweetness of friends and family, and the hope that the new baby's life will be much more sweet than bitter.

Since the early 20th century, pink has been the color most associated with girls for a variety of reasons. Pink is a symbol of love, of spring and new life, and of beauty. While in modern times many people rally against the gender stereotypes (and if you do, there are a plethora of other shades of Jordan Almonds to choose from!), pink is still one of top color choices for girls and is embraced by young and old alike.

Use your pink jordan almonds as favors, or leave them out in bowls on the tables for guests to snack on. If you're doing some traditional baby shower games, you can incorporate them in. Why not use the Jordan almonds as markers in a game of baby bingo? You could even hide some around the room and have everyone hunt for them. Just remember where you put them so you can pick up all the stragglers!