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Eat Pistachios For A Slimmer Waistline

Native to the Middle East and known as one of the world's favorite nuts, pistachios deliver superior taste as well as unparalleled nutritional benefits. According to the Pistachio Health Scientific Advisory Board, pistachio nuts offer many health benefits, including that of weight loss, as indicated by various panel discussions, focus groups, and research studies. The findings in each of these scientific endeavors were similar in that they found pistachios to be one of the most nutritious and weight friendly snacks available.

So where does the weight loss come in?

Pistachios have been proven to offer high satiety rates, even when only snacking on a few nuts. Satiety problems are one of the leading causes of excess weight, especially in those who find themselves to be frequent snackers. Barbara Rolls, the lead satiety researcher at Penn State and author of the dieting book Volumetrics, states that snacking is not the problem, but the choice of snack can be. As an alternative to chips, popcorn or candy for snacks, opting instead to eat pistachios can save your body hundreds of calories each day. Did you know that only eight to ten pistachio nuts have less than 100 calories? Reach for a handful of nuts and see your waistline slim. Not to mention, Pistachios in the shell may have an added benefit for weight control, as they slow down your rate of consumption causing you to feel fuller faster.

In nut feeding trials conducted at Loma Linda University in which free-living individuals substituted nuts for 20% of their total calories, researchers found that despite the fact that nuts contain fat and are energy-dense foods, nut consumption did not cause an increase in body weight. This shows that substituting nuts for fatty meats and other protein sources can increase your chances of weight loss. While dieting, try to turn to poultry, fish, and pistachios instead of digging into a fattier piece of red meat.

According to the Pistachio Health Scientific Advisory Board, Pistachios are also a good source of dietary fiber and are among the highest fiber nuts, providing 12% of your daily value per serving. Clinical trials have shown that dietary fiber can help to control blood sugar, lower serum cholesterol, and possibly promote weight control and reduce the risk of some types of cancer. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines Committee recommends a dietary fiber intake of about 14 grams per 1000 calories, but consumption studies have indicated that Americans typically consume only half of the recommended amount. Meet your daily value and see the health benefits immediately by adding more nuts to your diet.