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Pitted Plums (1 Pound Bag) - No Sugar added
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Pitted Prunes (10 Pound Case)
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Sweet. Juicy. Healthy. What more is there? Our selection of pitted Plums is sure to please any fruit lover. Our no sugar-added, dried plums are the result of a fruit with a long, significant history. Plums are prominent in Chinese culture and mythology, with Confucius using them in some of his poems and comparing them to beautiful loved ones. They are also considered a sign of good fortune. The nutritious value of plums is endless. They’re full of antioxidants, aid in the production and absorption of the body’s iron intake, and contain much natural dietary fiber. In other words they’re a power fruit! Aside from compotes, pies and salads, our pitted plums can be used in any healthy recipe or be enjoyed as a simple snack. Whatever stance you take on plums, most people can agree on one thing. They’re absolutely delicious! Order your bag today and enjoy one of nature’s best treats.