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Raw Sunflower Seeds Make A Perfect Afternoon Snack

At the Superior Nut Company, we’re passionate about our snacks, and are always on the lookout for ways that we can expand our offering of healthy and delicious foods. As a result, we recently branched out from the nut business to a close cousin – seeds! Raw Sunflower Seeds, in particular, are a healthful and flavorful snack that everyone can enjoy.

You’ve probably had raw sunflower seeds mixed into trail mix or even on top of a salad, but eating them mixed in with other foods is selling this delicious snack short. Though small, raw sunflower seeds pack a rich, almost nutty flavor that makes them an addicting snack. Seeds still in the shell are a popular food at baseball games and other outdoor sports where the shells can easily be discarded on the ground.

Besides the delicious flavor, what exactly makes raw sunflower seeds so great? There are several different health benefits to be gained from sunflower seeds:

Cardiovascular benefits: regular consumption of raw sunflower seeds can lead to improved cardiovascular health, including the lowering of overall cholesterol levels.

Nutrient rich: Raw sunflower seeds have a higher concentration of Folate, Vitamin E, Selenium, Iron and Zinc than many comparable nuts and fruits. A serving of sunflower kernels every day is an easier way to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs to perform its best.

Sunflowers equal brain power: Not only do raw sunflower seeds contain all of the above, but they also contain Choline, which has been proven to have a role in both memory and cognitive function.

Instead of your normal afternoon candy, why not try something that’s good for you, like sunflower seeds? At the Superior Nut Company, we’ve perfected salted, shelled, and even chocolate covered seeds – there’s something for every taste. Think about all you have to gain with this delicious, all natural snack!