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Have a Nut Butter Buffet with Cashew, Almond, Hazelnut Butter and More!

Having some friends over for a small gathering, or looking for unique ideas for a party or reception? Consider setting up a nut butter buffet! For this example we’ll assume you’ll be hosting a get-together with a few of your best friends. As for snacks, many of us rely on chips, pretzels, savory dips, and small hot treats like mini pizzas or cocktail wieners wrapped in a buttery roll. All of these things are good – I’m definitely not complaining! But as with all things in life, the same thing every time can get tiresome.

Why not opt for something fresher and healthier by setting out an assortment of fruit, crackers, and nut butters? You can scoop a small amount of each nut butter into pretty dishes and refill as necessary to keep things neat, clean and fresh. Options can include cashew butter, peanut butter, pecan butter, pistachio butter, macadamia butter, almond butter, and hazelnut butter, all available here at Superior Nut! Choose 3 or 4 that you’ve been wanting to try, and you can easily enjoy whatever is left after the party by itself, as toppings, in recipes, or in smoothies.

Hazelnut Butter: The Star of the Show

At Superior Nut, we rarely pick favorites. But for as much as we love all the nut butters we offer, there’s simply no denying that the nut butter of the moment is Hazelnut butter. We’ve seen sales soar for all of our nut butters recently as people get more adventurous and more health-conscious without wanting to sacrifice taste, but hazelnut butter has perhaps seen the highest number of new devotees to date. We can likely credit a certain popular chocolate and hazelnut spread for the increased awareness in how delicious hazelnut butter truly is. Whatever it takes to get people trying new, exciting, tasty and nutritious foods, we’re all for it! Even if our hazelnut butter isn’t the first you’ve purchased, we do hope you’ll find it’s your favorite.

It’s What’s Inside that Matters Most

Most of us follow at least a few simple rules when we’re choosing the foods we’ll eat. Popular rules include, “I will only eat foods that contain ingredients I can pronounce,” and, “I will opt for the variety with the fewest number of ingredients.” While there are exceptions to both of these rules – sometimes good-for-you ingredients are hard to pronounce, and sometimes those extra ingredients are good ones! – generally speaking, less truly is more when it comes to food. That’s why we keep things sweet and simple with our hazelnut butter. Our unsalted hazelnut butter contains only hazelnuts and the peanut oil they were roasted in. Our salted hazelnut butter contains those same ingredients with the addition of… you guessed it… salt! Both are nutritious, both are delicious, and we have room in our pantries and hearts for them both as well. Here’s hoping you will, too!