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Enjoy The Classic Taste Of Honey Roasted Nuts!

The honey roasted peanut is one of the staples of the snack food industry. You see honey roasted nuts being served at parties, out at bars, and used in a variety of recipes. It’s also a popular base for hundreds of types of snack mixes. This decadent mix of sweet and salty can satisfy any craving!

Honey roasted nuts are a type of dry roasted nut. The most popular style is the peanut, but at the Superior Nut Company, we also roast pecans, almonds and all of our other popular nuts. The first step is to dry roast them in a revolving oven, which adds flavor and an extra crunch to the nut. Next, they are coated in a sweet topping, made from either honey or sugar. Both taste great, though we like to use real honey for our nuts!

If you’re looking to enjoy some of the best honey roasted nuts available, here are a few of our favorites that we think you might enjoy:

Honey Cinnamon Pecans – This twist on the traditional honey roasted nut is a Superior Nut classic. We added some cinnamon to our regular roasted nuts for a sweet and spicy treat!

House Of Almonds Tin – This tasty tin combines our roasted almonds with the best of our other almond snacks. Try snacking on some roasted nuts along with a few chocolate covered nuts and Jordan almonds to see what flavors you enjoy the most!

Honey Roasted Virginia Peanuts – These giant peanuts make some of the best roasted nuts we’ve ever had. Order the party size tin because you’re sure to run out. These peanuts are extra large and shipped in straight from Virginia.

No matter what your favorite nut, we have a selection of roasted nuts that are sure to satisfy your craving. Why not order today and give the Superior Nut Company a try?