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Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks: The Perfect Complement to Candy Cocktails!

Are you as excited as I am about all the deliciously decadent candy cocktails that have been popping up at bars and restaurants lately? I hope so! As someone who usually enjoys just one drink or two most nights out, I typically steer clear of basic beers and wines that I could just as easily have at home. I take the opportunity to try new and inventive drinks that I might not have thought up myself, or donít have all the required ingredients to make. And in recent months, those drinks have almost always had a strong candy focus.

My friends and I donít have as much time to get together as weíd like to, with work, family and countless other commitments taking precedence over a Girlís Night Out, or even a Girlís Night In. That said, weíre sticking with our resolution to make more time for one another. And part of that commitment includes having recipes and supplies at the ready for the next time we can all relax and catch up at my place! Among those supplies is a generous supply of rock candy swizzle sticks. These will make the perfect addition to candy cocktails, and any leftovers will surely be a treasured treat for the kiddos. As for the cocktails my rock candy swizzle sticks will be swizzling? Here they areÖ

Cotton Candy Martinis

Perhaps my favorite of all candy cocktails, cotton candy martinis require just a few ingredients, and are oh-so-sweet perfection. For mine I mix:

I listed the cream as optional because it is truly a matter of taste. I find that just a dash adds richness to the martini that I really enjoy, though Iíve discovered itís not for everyone! I tend to like a hint of milk or cream in my martinis, so if you do as well, I think youíll appreciate it.

Sparkling Melon Splash

I actually came up with this recipe many years ago, before I thought of accenting it with rock candy swizzle sticks, and itís become my go-to drink for countless get-togethers. It is definitely on the sweeter side, but I donít find it the least bit overwhelming. You can serve it in a martini glass or traditional drink glass depending on strength. I usually use two ounces of rum for every 5 ounces of juice and 2 ounces of soda, but feel free to adjust to your tastes!

I hope you found inspiration in my candy cocktail recipes and try them for yourself, or shake up something equally spectacular! As for finding the rock candy swizzle sticks to add to each glass, our extensive selection should make finding the perfect match sweet and easy. In addition to those mentioned above, we offer cherry, blueberry, bubble gum, blue raspberry, grape, orange, root beer, sour apple, sour pineapple, strawberry, and simply sweet white!