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Three Sweet Ways to Enjoy Sixlets in Bulk!

If you’re like me, you look back on the days of the corner candy store with a fondness that knows no words. I remember every moment of the journey, which began the second my mom reached into her trusty change pouch to treat me to a small handful of its contents. Sometimes, there was even paper money involved, and the thought of all the candy I could buy with it was almost too much to handle!

I was lucky to live close to a traditional, old-fashioned, ‘glass case’ candy store, owned and run by a charming elderly couple who had turned the front room of their home into a sweets shop. When we pushed open that heavy wooden front door, the bell at the top would jingle and they’d appear from the back like magic. The husband usually came out first, greeting us with a smile before blousing a small brown paper bag to take the first order. Mine almost always included Satellite Wafers, Swedish Fish, and those little clear sleeves of Sixlets. I think back on those days every time I grab a bag of our Sixlets in bulk for myself, remembering how each chocolaty bead was slowly savored on its own, and if one fell to the ground, the ‘5-second rule’ applied!

Buying Sixlets in bulk allows me to enjoy these timeless treats whenever, and however, I wish. When I was young, I would simply eat them on their own, not giving much thought to other ways they might be used. But in the many years since then I have personally delighted in their deliciousness in quite a few clever ways, and I’m about to share those with you!

Use Them as an Ice Cream Topper: Want to add a little chocolaty goodness with a crunchy shell to your bowl of vanilla? Or perhaps you’re looking for a crowd-pleasing way to add color to an ice cream buffet? In any scenario, Sixlets in bulk get the job done!

Mix Them Into Homemade Popcorn Balls: If you’ve never made your own popcorn balls, I definitely recommend giving it a try. Not only is it a fun tradition to start, but you can get really creative with the ingredients you include. Consider caramel, candy bar pieces, candy canes, sprinkles, white chocolate chips, and/or Sixlets in bulk!

Add Interest and Flavor to a Cake: Made a delicious cake, but want to add some extra pizzazz to really personalize it? Grab a few colors of Sixlets in bulk and get creative! You can use them to make a smiley face, spell out a name or sentiment, or if you really want to go all out, to create a unique image or scene. The best part is that unlike many plastic cake decorations, Sixlets don’t have to be removed before you dig in. In fact, you might find the kiddos (and maybe some of the adults) fighting for the piece with the most Sixlets!