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Forget what you once knew. High quality, piquant Specialty Oils for dipping or cooking are sure to add a sharp and savory zing to any menu. Organic Oils and Infused Oils bring a delectable culinary twist to pantry classics.
Organic Oils
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Infused Oils
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These oils take staples one step further into delightfully delicious and flavorful Specialty Oils. Much like a fine wine specialty oils can be paired with your favorite foods to create a more memorable dining experience. The Infused Oils are made with fragrant dried herbs like oregano and basil, while the Organic Oils are minimally processed and certified organic.

Specialty Oils follow a long tradition of infusing a delicious base oil such as soybean, canola or extra virgin oil with piquant, hearty herbs and spices. We're sure you will agree that these aromatic flavored oils are unrivaled in flavor and the brilliance they can bring to your menu. Innovative and interesting, these Specialty Oils provide a simple way to reinvigorate your favorite recipes. The Organic Oils - extra virgin olive oil, sunflower, canola, and soybean - bring flavors that range from delicate and nutty to tangy and fruity. Each oil has a fresh, bright taste with a well balanced flavor.