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These delectable Dried Strawberries belong on your dessert or breakfast table. Sprinkle them on hot or cold cereal, ice cream, or put out a big bowl of the Dark Chocolate Strawberries or Pastel Strawberries for a tasty snack.
Dried Strawberries (1 Pound Bag)
Our Price: $9.95
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Dried Strawberries (10 Pound Case)
Our Price: $88.00
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Freeze Dried Strawberries
Our Price: $5.89
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Pastel Strawberries (1 Pound Bag)
Reg. Price:$8.95
Our Price: $5.95
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Pastel Strawberries (5 Pound Bag)
Reg. Price:$42.95
Our Price: $28.75
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Pastel Strawberries (10 Pound Case)
Reg. Price:$79.50
Our Price: $49.95
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Strawberry Cheesecake Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (1 Pound Bag) - Pale Pink
Reg. Price:$8.95
Our Price: $7.95
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Brace yourself for the bold, chewy goodness of these yummy Strawberries. Plain, covered in creamy Milk Chocolate with a Pastel candy coating, or simply smothered in rich, Dark Chocolate, these Strawberries are not to be missed. We use only premium Strawberries, and each one is a glorious and tiny triumph. Full of antioxidants, only one cup of Strawberries has almost 140% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. We're so sure you'll agree we offer each one of these scrumptious selections in a 10 pound case. Aren't you glad we thought ahead.

It's highly probable you've never tasted anything as intensely satisfying as Dark Chocolate covered Strawberries, or anything as sweetly divine as the Pastel Strawberries. These are can't miss crowd pleasers so be sure to include them in your next gourmet gift basket or add a bowl to next dessert buffet. Strawberries this extravagant and and richly satisfying are sweetly satisfying, and are sure to garner kudos.