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Brazil Nut Butter Ė Delicious Has a New Destination

Freshly ground Brazil Nut Butter is an ambrosial blend of the crunchy and the creamy. How can we possibly improve on something so good? By adding decadent Dark Chocolate and scrumptious White Chocolate. Make no mistake this is food for the soul.
The deep, full-bodied flavor of these Brazil Nut Butters can bring a wide variety of sweet and savory culinary creations to life. Chock full of the highest quality ingredients like colossal, fresh Brazil nuts, peanut oil and salt (it is also available in an unsalted variety), our Brazil Nut Butter has an incomparably luscious taste. It will add a tantalizing complexity to the flavor of sauces, dips, ice cream, pastries and more. Itís also delightful when spread on warm, whole grain bread, too. However, we wouldnít blame you for simply grabbing a spoon and eating any of these exquisite Brazil Nut Butters straight from the tub.

Revel in these enjoyable options: regular salted or unsalted Brazil nut butter, fresh Chocolate Brazil Nut Butter made with superior quality chocolate liquor and cocoa butter, and White Chocolate Brazil Nut Butter made with premium cocoa butter and vanilla extract. Smooth and elegant, these Brazil Nut Butters are a fragrant and toothy treat for the senses. Much like our heavenly Almond Butters, this delightful delicacy is a wonderful alternative to traditional Peanut Butter. May we suggest ordering at least two tubs? One to share and one for your private stash. And donít forget our other brilliant nut butters in Pecan, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Almond, Cashew, Walnut, Macadamia, and of course, our Superior Peanut Butter.