Revel in the Full-Bodied Flavor of Delicious Sun Dried Tomatoes

Suggested Subhead: Bold color and chewy texture combine with a slightly tangy taste to make these Sun Dried Tomatoes unforgettable. Add style and intense tomato flavor to your favorite pasta recipes, salads and sauces.
Beautiful, versatile, tasty and heart-smart - what more can you ask from your food? Sun Dried Tomatoes bring the perfect pop of moist tart flavor to weeknight vegetables, or run-of-the-mill salads. Pungent and enticing, try making Sun Dried Tomato pesto, the heavenly red twin of basil-based pesto. Or chop them and add to softened butter to make Sun Dried Tomato Butter, an unexpected and delightful topping for steak or focaccia. Not only do they taste divine, but these toothsome delicacies go great with everything from goat cheese and pasta to hummus to savory rosemary scones.

Equally good eaten as a simple snack out of hand, Sun Dried Tomatoes are chock full of nutrients including vitamins A, K, C, potassium, phosphorous, and folate. High in lycopene, a key nutrient which protects against heart disease and is more easily accessed by the body in Sun Dried Tomatoes than fresh ones. Sun Dried Tomatoes are low in fat, calories, and sodium. More good news: studies show a diet rich in tomato-based foods can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Luckily they're available in one pound bags and 10 pound cases for feeding a crowd.