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For A Truly Inspired Taste Sensation Surrender to These Mouthwatering Walnut Butters

Fresh roasted Walnut Butter is creamy, rich and utterly delicious. Get all of the impressive health benefits of walnuts in one indulgent nut butter. How could we make it any better? By adding chocolate, of course.
What is it about nut butters that gives such a feeling of nostalgia and calm? On this note, we proudly offer fresh and delectable, house-made Walnut Butter. If you love the smooth and buttery texture of premium walnuts, gourmet organic Walnut Butter from the Superior Nut Company will surely satisfy. Simply use raw Walnut Butter in place of peanut butter for scrumptious snacking, or to add a rich and unexpectedly complex flavor in baking. Fresh, premium walnuts are roasted on site and ground with all natural ingredients, and to make it even more blissful, we add chocolate - milk and white chocolate.

This heavenly Walnut Butter is backed by Superior Nut Company’s 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, and most orders are shipped the same day to ensure the height of freshness in every tub.

Indulge your salty cravings with our regular organic Walnut Butter, available in both salted and unsalted varieties. If you lean towards the sweet tooth side of the snacking spectrum, try our chocolate Walnut Butter. We have blended our delectable raw Walnut Butter with fine chocolate for unparalleled flavor. Whichever you choose, you’ll indulge in a healthy snack packed with vitamins, nutrients, and some of the highest antioxidant content of any tree nut. Fresh Walnut Butter is a perfect way to get the protective benefits of heart-smart omega-3 fatty acids in a snack you can feel good about.