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Peanuts + Wasabi = Wasabi Nuts!

Wasabi nuts are becoming more and more popular as a party snack, especially with so many people serving up wasabi peas at their get-togethers! If you haven't given wasabi nuts, or any sort of wasabi snack for that matter, a try then now is the perfect time to do so! At Superior Nut, we've blended together two classic party snack ingredients to create one of our most popular and fun snacks: wasabi peanuts.

Like most wasabi nuts, our wasabi peanuts include a kick of Japanese horseradish in a crunchy shell. The flavor is very strong and hot, making it an addictive snack for those who love a little bit of heat. The great thing about wasabi nuts is most definitely the distinct flavor, so you can bet that this isn't just another spicy snack. The flavor is something all its own, so it's recognizable instantly. The bright colored green shell is a great indicator too! Speaking of the shell, our wasabi peanuts showcase a crunch shell that has a slightly salty finish. This pairs perfectly with the hot mustardy flavor of the wasabi.

Beneath the wasabi shell, there also lies a spectacular party favorite: peanuts. Wasabi peanuts are a unique type of wasabi nut because of their flavor and texture. They just perfectly complement each other!

The peanuts temper the spiciness with their smooth, buttery flavor and the quality of the peanuts we used is simply unmatched. Let's just say that at Superior Nut Company, we know our peanuts. We roast them so that their best flavor is brought out (we do it the old fashioned way) and we choose only the best nuts for using in this popular snack. Salty with a slightly sweet finish, wasabi peanuts are sure to become one of the most beloved of all wasabi nuts – and we’re not just saying that because we love nuts!

Give these snacks a try for yourself and serve them up at your next gathering. The bright green color of wasabi nuts makes for a colorful pop on your table, plus, the flavor is absolutely addicting! A must for those who love Asian snacks or spicy foods.