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Wasabi Peas are Unexpectedly Healthy – And Delicious!

If you've ever looked for a healthy snack before, you've probably been met with a whole lot of options that are usually pretty plain. Raw veggies, fruits, nuts…nothing seems to have that kick that you're looking for. And when you do go searching for that kick, you often find a nutrition facts label that's packed with too much sodium and lots of ingredients you can't pronounce. There has to be a snack out there that can exceed your expectations on flavor but still offer the nutrition you're looking for. Luckily, at Superior Nut Company, we've found the perfect snack.

Wasabi peas are an unexpectedly healthy – but delicious – snack that's sure to meet your expectations, both on flavor and on nutrition. First and foremost, wasabi peas are a popular snack that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Use them in snack mixes, recipes, or even on their own! Either way, you get the distinct wasabi flavor that makes them so addicting – and popular.

Wasabi, a Japanese horseradish, is very much like hot, spicy mustard. It's exotic, strong, and very, very hot, so this is a snack that's sure to cleanse the sinuses! But the hot flavor is part of what makes them so popular. Most healthy snacks don't offer a kick like this one does.

In terms of nutrition, it never disappoints. Wasabi peas are rich in protein, plus other vital nutrients. They're not too high in calories (only 120 per serving) and they're free of cholesterol and trans fat. They're also low on sugar and don't have as much sodium as other spicy snacks. Factor in the four grams of fiber in each serving and you've got a great snack that's perfect for nutritious munching on the go.

Wasabi peas are salty, crunchy, and just oh-so-very-good when it comes to taste. Once you start snacking on them, it's almost impossible to stop!

If you're ready to give them a try for yourself, check out our selection of wasabi peas, which come in one pound or ten pound sizes, depending on how much you decide to order for yourself. Once you have them, keep them at hand for snacking on the move, or use them in different recipes. For example, you can coat a piece of fish in wasabi peas to give it heat and flavor. You can also make your own snack mixes using wasabi peas as a featured ingredient. The possibilities really are endless!