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Celebrate Your Big Day With A Gorgeous Wedding Candy Buffet

Depending on where you live, you may already be familiar with the candy buffet table. This popular wedding craze has been gaining momentum and slowly spreading around the country. Wedding candy has often been a popular favor, or a treat left in small bowls on the bar, but the candy buffet takes it to a whole other level.

Rather than leave favors on the tables for guests, or with their place cards, the wedding candy buffet is a decadent spread of candies laid out on its own table for guests. Usually stored in large, elegant glass or plastic containers, the wedding candy may match the wedding colors, or may incorporate every color of the rainbow. Guests are given favor bags that they can fill up with all of their favorite candies to take home. It’s a fun gift to give your guests and can make a visual impact at your reception venue.

What exactly goes in a wedding candy buffet? Honestly, anything you want! You can choose whatever candies suit your taste or match your wedding theme. If you’re still stuck on where to start, here are a few suggestions:

Chocolate is king – Just about everyone loves chocolate, and it comes in so many forms that it’s a great choice for a candy buffet. You can add chocolate covered nuts, chocolate nonpareils, or even chocolate covered pretzels to your wedding candy display and all of the chocoholics will be in heaven!

Include the classics – Jordan Almonds are one of the most widely used wedding candies on the market today. They’re a traditional wedding treat in many cultures, and come in every color of the rainbow. For the more traditional guests, Jordan Almonds are the perfect wedding candy.

Try something unexpected - Add a bit of excitement to your wedding candy with something different, like chocolate covered espresso beans. Perfect for the coffee loving crowd, or for an evening reception, these candies will keep guests dancing all night long!

Have allergy alternatives – if you know someone that has peanut allergies, or other health conditions, consider pre-packaging a candy bag just for them so that they can take part as well. It will be especially disappointing to children with allergies to see all of that candy but not have any.

Whatever your vision, at the Superior Nut Company we have a huge selection of wedding candy that can make your big day perfect. Let us help you design the candy buffet of your dreams!