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Make Your Own Bomboniere Wedding Favors with White Jordan Almonds!

Given the high price of many pre-made wedding favors, many couples are flexing their creative muscles and crafting their own. Not only can this be a fun task to take on that saves you quite a bit of cash, but you have the added benefit of complete customization at your fingertips. You also have the freedom to mix-and-match similar materials to add even more impact to your tables. After all – your wedding favors are more than just a gift to your guests; they’re also part of your wedding décor!

When mixing and matching fabrics, boxes or other favor containers, it does help to maintain some uniformity by keeping one main component the same across each favor. This will ensure that while your favors might have unique elements about them, there is still a common thread that ties them together. In making bombonieres, we recommend maintaining uniformity with the same color of Jordan Almonds. White Jordan Almonds make the ideal choice as they are the most traditional color for weddings and pair well with materials of any color. Let’s take a look at one way you can make your white Jordan Almonds bombonieres really stand out!

Tulle Sachets with Decorative Elements

Among the easiest bombonieres you can craft are simple but striking tulle sachets. Working on a spacious flat surface that gives you ample room for all your materials, cut sheets of tulle into squares. The size of the squares will depend on how many white Jordan Almonds you would like to include in each, with tradition dictating 5 being the magic number. Once you have placed them in the center of the tulle, gather the sides toward the center to create a pouch. Cinch this with your choice of material – a rubber band, pretty ribbon, piece of twine or ribbon work well.

If you want to add colorful dimension, consider wrapping your white Jordan Almonds in two different colors of tulle before cinching. While your wedding favor can be complete at this step if you’d like something simpler, you can add more interest with dried or plastic flowers tucked into the ribbon, or small plastic elements that will add sparkle (think tiny beads on sticks that can be easily added on). The sky is really the limit with personalization options.

Give yourself some time to browse your local craft stores in search of little whatnots that can be tied on or glued on – you know, all those tiny things you’ve loved while shopping in the past, but couldn’t justify picking them up because you couldn’t think of how to use them! If you have the time and patience, you can even sew seed beads into the tulle, forming your initials, a design, or just here, there and everywhere for glamorous glimmer. Since your white Jordan Almonds won’t clash with any colors you’re using, you can really go wild making your wedding favors truly your own.