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Wholesale Rock Candy Sticks and Crystals – Fabulous Flavors and Cool Colors!

When a tiny pouch or a few lollipops simply aren’t enough, it’s time to set your sights on buying wholesale rock candy! And when that time comes, SuperiorNutStore.com is your best source. We love rock candy in all its fantastic flavors and colors, and offer the best of both in our comprehensive selection. Whether you’re simply shopping for a favorite flavor to snack on, or are looking for specific colors or flavors to complement a recipe or theme, we’ve got the sweet, crunchy stuff that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Wholesale Rock Candy – Fill Your Favors!

A popular use for wholesale rock candy involves wedding and party favors. There are countless adorable containers, pouches and boxes on the market, with the main variable being what you choose to fill them with. Popular options include Jordan Almonds, Hershey’s Kisses, and mints, but if you want to break outside the norm consider using wholesale rock candy! This ‘rockin’ alternative will be a welcome treat for guests of all ages – something younger kids might have never tried before, and adults will remember fondly.

Accent Your Sugar Artistry

Are you among the fabulous few who can whip sugar into wondrous works of art? We salute you! I don’t personally have the skill or careful hand to make sugar art myself, but am drawn to it with childlike fascination. Looking at a few especially delicate pieces, I couldn’t help but think of how they would be wonderfully complemented by larger pieces of wholesale rock candy. The contrast of size would add texture and a dash of intrigue, and allow for even more delicious dimension.

Add Texture and Additional Flavor to Homemade Lollipops

While you can buy wholesale rock candy swizzle sticks, which are lollipops unto themselves, an alternate idea is to add a few pieces of rock candy crystals to homemade lollipops while they’re still warm. I’m not sure if making your own lollipops has grown in popularity, or if Pinterest has just given me greater insight into how many people are doing it, but I have definitely found some beautiful and sweet-looking recipes that would only be made better by adding rock candy crystals! They can be surprisingly sophisticated and gem-like in appearance, and working with complementary or contrasting colors can prove both tasty and aesthetically pleasing.