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Color Your World Joyful with Our Delicious Yellow Jordan Almonds

Just one look, and you’ll know: this is traditional wedding candy at its finest. The smooth, uniform hard candy shells feature a lovely pastel yellow finish—perfect for your candy bar and favors, and the taste is simply out of this world!
Yellow Jordan Almonds (1 Pound Bag)
Our Price: $6.75
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Yellow Jordan Almonds (5 Pound Bag)
Our Price: $31.71
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Sunshine brings light, and warmth, and feelings of peace and joy into our lives. Our premium Yellow Jordan Almonds do too, on a much smaller scale! As part of your candy station, decorative displays or individual favor gifts for your guests, our Wedding Jordan Almonds in soft pastel yellow will add a special glow to your reception. And we do our best to make them perfect in every way, just for you. Buying your Jordan Almonds wholesale from Superior Nut Store enables you to treat your guests to the freshest, tastiest and prettiest yellow candy treats available, reflecting the joy of your special day.

For precise color-matching, or to accessorize a baby shower or spring fling, we also offer our Yellow Jordan Almonds in a deeper, more robust finish that not only covers a freshly roasted California almond, but also hides an extra-special treat within—chocolate! And not just any chocolate. This is a full layer of our own luscious, incredibly rich dark chocolate, the kind that can transform a dish of sweet, delicate Jordan Almonds into something totally irresistible. Whether you choose our pretty pastel Yellow Jordan Almonds or our decadent bright Yellow Chocolate Jordan Almonds, you ensure a joyful, tasteful experience for your guests.