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Boiled Peanuts: A Snack Food Favorite

Boiled peanuts hold a special place in our relationship with food. In the United States, boiled peanuts are an essential part of Southern cooking and have been since at least the Civil War. As a staple food for Confederate soldiers, boiled peanuts offered up a high protein ration that could be easily transported and easily kept while on the move. Today, boiled peanuts are more than a ration – they’re a staple snack food throughout the southern part of the United States.

In 2006, boiled peanuts were declared the official snack food of South Carolina, however, this popular treat is also served throughout North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. Available in restaurants or at roadside stands, boiled peanuts are a classic way to enjoy peanuts without having to roast or toast them. The flavor is great and the amount of salt used in the brine is perfect for bringing out the flavor. What could be better when you want to enjoy the taste of peanuts?

Around the world, boiled peanuts also hold a place in food culture. In Southeast Asia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Salvador, boiled peanuts are often eaten as street food and can be found easily in outdoor markets. In China, peanuts are usually boiled with star anise and salt as a common dish. In Vietnam, boiled peanuts are often served at informal gatherings of family and friends. It’s clear – boiled peanuts are a popular taste both here and abroad.

At, we carry boiled peanuts in two varieties to suit your tastes, as well as your cultural roots:

  • Cajun Boiled Peanuts: Spicy and salty, our Cajun boiled peanuts are sure to be a hit. If you love this Southern snack but want some extra kick in the flavor, try our Cajun boiled peanuts.  They’re perfect for snacking and parties!

  • Green Boiled Peanuts: With a fresh legume flavor, green boiled peanuts are a popular choice for anyone who appreciates this unique snack.  Salty and nutty, this variety of boiled peanuts is great for snacking on or for serving up at down home cookouts.

Both of these varieties are ideal for boiled peanut lovers, but don’t just take our word for it. Our customer reviews on each product page show that our boiled peanuts capture the classic flavors you love.

Love boiled peanuts? Get yours today at

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