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Bonomo Turkish Taffy

Created by the Bonomo Company in Coney Island, NY, Turkish taffy was a snack that was enjoyed by families vacationing at the shore or enjoying the excitement of New York City. While the glory days of Coney Island may have passed, there's no question that Bonomo Turkish Taffy still remains a classic. If you loved this candy as a kid and can't wait to taste it again, don't worry. You can still find it without having to take a trip back to Coney Island.

At, we offer Bonomo Turkish Taffy in the following flavors so that you can enjoy this old fashioned favorite:

  • Vanilla Turkish Taffy: With a sweet and smooth vanilla flavor, this taffy bar is sure to delight any taffy lover. Serve it up on its own the next time you crave something sweet. A classic that's perfect for weddings, birthdays, or just because.

  • Strawberry Turkish Taffy: If you love the delicious flavor of fresh strawberries, then you’ll love this flavor of taffy. It's pleasantly smooth and great for enjoying on picnics or at parties. Serve them up as a fun party favor at an ice cream social or sock hop.

  • Chocolate Turkish Taffy: Rich and creamy chocolate makes an appearance in this classic variety of taffy. Compliment this taffy flavor with other chocolate delights for a Valentine's Day gift that's unforgettable. Also great for chocoholic candy buffets!

  • Banana Turkish Taffy: Tropical banana adds a refreshing twist to this old-time favorite that's perfect for enjoying on the boardwalk. Having a retro-themed luau? This variety of Bonomo Turkish Taffy is the perfect treat to serve up!

Once a favorite on Coney Island, Bonomo Turkish Taffy has since made appearances at ball parks, movie theaters, candy counters, diners, and general stores. Maybe you enjoyed one when you were a kid. Maybe you want to give it a try for the first time. Either way, Bonomo Turkish Taffy is sure to become a classic candy that you can fall in love with over and over again.

Get this classic, old time favorite today at We offer several flavor varieties to suit any taste and with several quantities to choose from, you can always stock up on the right amount. So go ahead and fall in love with a classic candy that's been delighting taste buds for generations.

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