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Bulk Poppy Seeds Ė Add Fresh Flavor and a Nutritious Punch to Many Dishes

With their naturally nutty flavor and satisfying, crispy crunch, poppy seeds are a flavorful favorite of many people, even those who arenít quite sure how to incorporate them into many recipes! Yes, we all know that poppy seeds are one of breadís best friends, adding that something special to bagels and more. And, of course, there is that popular poppy seed roll pastry that many serve alongside walnut roll for the holidays, with the poppy seed roll always disappearing first in my house! But what exactly are people whipping up when they purchase our bulk poppy seeds? Surely, it canít only be rolls and breads. We took to the Internet to seek out some unique and useful recipes that will help ensure you use every last seed in your bag of bulk poppy seeds! Hereís 2 of our favorite ideasÖ Poppy Seed Dressing

In my personal opinion, there is no fresher, tastier dressing out there, especially for a baby spinach salad with gorgonzola or blue cheese crumbles! Iím not a professional chef by any means, but those ingredients taste wonderful together in my opinion. I also add sliced strawberries and macadamia nuts, and enjoy it with a tall glass of black iced tea. Lunch perfected! But letís get back to the dressing itself Ė thatís where the bulk poppy seeds come into the equation. Which recipe youíll opt for depends on personal taste, and there are plenty of delicious variations to be found online, but most call for some measure of: poppy seeds, onion, vegetable oil (and/or another preferred oil or oils), ground dry mustard, salt, vinegar (white or cider) and white sugar. Some recipes also include pepper, which I find makes most recipes better! Citrus, Berry and Poppy Seed Smoothies

This is where our nutritious and delicious bulk poppy seeds really get to shine, adding texture and nutty flavor to a smoothie bursting with sweet, berry goodness! Just like the poppy seed dressing above, there are many variations that can be easily customized to your taste budsí content, but our favorite ingredients include: milk, non-dairy milk or vanilla Greek yogurt; raspberries; blueberries; your preferred nut butter (Iím going macadamia!); poppy seeds; chia seeds; orange segments and/or zest. Other recipes call on the tasty delights of agave, baby greens, lemon juice and/or zest, bananas, oats and more. Click around and see which look like the best accompaniments for your bulk poppy seeds, and donít be afraid to customize the recipe with your own ideas!

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