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Roasted Corn Kernels

Watch as deliciously addictive Roasted Corn Kernels go from tasty, slightly salty toasted corn kernels to fun party treats when covered in rich chocolate and candy shell. The expression you're looking for "died and gone to heaven.

If you crave the slightly salty goodness of Roasted Corn Kernels, then this is the right page. In addition to the finest selection of buttery, crunchy nuts, the Superior Nut Company also has an irresistible selection of Roasted Corn Kernels. These Toasted Roasted Corn Kernels start with whole corn kernels that are toasted, not fried, on site using methods passed down for generations to create a crunchy, savory flavor unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

In the mood for something salty, and something sweet? Then our Roasted Corn Kernels, in a convenient individual snack size or thought-ahead-plenty-to-share bulk sizes, are sure to satisfy. Choose from the traditional crunchy and lightly salted Roasted Corn Kernels for a mouth-watering snack, or the sweet, scrumptious version: chocolate covered Roasted Corn Kernels enrobed in a delightfully colorful and toothsome candy shell. They are a little salty, a little sweet and incredibly delicious.

Since these tasty toasted Roasted Corn Kernels are available in a variety of sizes, they are perfect for solo snacking, entertaining, or even cooking. Toasted Roasted Corn Kernels bring an unexpectedly yummy surprise sprinkled over a salad or added to a morning muffin. We're certain you’ll want to have plenty on hand. Bulk Roasted Corn Kernels are backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and shipped same day to ensure their optimal toasty freshness. Experience the flavor difference with real toasted Roasted Corn Kernels from the Superior Nut Company.

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