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Mike & Ikes: A Movie Night Must

When you sit down at the movies or at home with your bowl of popcorn, you rarely enjoy the flick without a handful of something sweet. Sure that hot buttery popcorn makes movie night, well, movie night, but you want something that can add some extra flavor to the experience in between sips of your ice cold beverage. Maybe it’s a little chewy. Maybe even a bit fruity. Either way, it’s delicious and the perfect complement to any movie night. What are we craving on movie night? Mike & Ikes.

A Favorite Candy Since 1940

Mike & Ikes have been a classic movie candy for decades and at, we’re proud to offer them in 1 pound, 5 pound, and 10 pound quantities delight on movie night, no matter which film you choose to watch. You’ll love the light, fruity taste and the chewy texture. After all, isn’t the candy one of the best parts of the movie? Mike & Ike candies have that fruity, sweet taste that’s almost like a jelly bean…but better.

Sweet, Colorful, and Oh So Very Fruity!

Available in cherry, orange, lime, lemon and strawberry, Mike & Ikes are a colorful and sweet candy that’s great to snack on whenever your sweet tooth starts asking. Plus, each candy has only 7 calories and 0 grams of fat, so you can snack smart on movie night. Did we mention that Mike & Ikes are also kosher and gluten-free?

A Hollywood Classic

Mike & Ikes aren’t just loved by movie watchers. They’re also loved by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and movie makers. Will Smith, Paul Rudd, and Steven Spielberg are just a handful of Hollywood greats that love the fruity, chewy candies that everyone can’t help but fall in love with!

If you’re ready to add something sweeter to your movie night, reach for a handful of Mike & Ikes fruity candy. sells this favorite in bulk to satisfy a living room or even an entire movie theater! Get your supply of this oblong jelly bean treat today!

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