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Mint Lentils

Yes, you can have your multicolor fun and eat it, too. Crunchy candy coating meets velvety chocolate goodness. There's a color for every occasion,and these delicious Chocolate Mint Lentils are made for noshing. Simply divine.

Grab a handful of these delectable Chocolate Lentils and brace yourself for an intense chocolate experience that is sure to satisfy the most discriminating candy lover. Don't try to be dainty. There is no need to be shy. These Chocolate Mint Lentils were meant to be eaten by the fistful - that's why we offer them in a convenient 5 pound bag and 10 pound case. Put out a bowl at your next party and watch them disappear.

Need to coordinate wedding colors right down to the tabletop treats? No problem, these Chocolate Mint Lentils come in an array of frisky colors including red, midnight blue, pink, dark blue, black, white, and even lavender. It's easy to match the bridesmaid dresses or the floral arrangements or even the groom's boutonniere. At this party, minty sweet chocolate mingles with crispy candy shell to create a scrumptious jewel-like delicacy.

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