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Nut Wedding Favors To Delight Your Guests

When you're planning your big day, the last thing you'll want to have to worry about is choosing the right wedding favor. At, we make wedding favor shopping easy. With tons of nut varieties that can be used as Nut Wedding Favors, as well as delicious chocolate covered treats that can be put out in bowls at each table, there are plenty of ways that can help you out with your wedding plans. Here's just a few great ideas on how you can incorporate nuts into your celebration: On the Menu
First and foremost, nuts can be easily incorporated into your wedding menu. Dishes such as nut crusted meats and fish, as well as salads and sides with nuts can be served up to all of your wedding guests as an unexpected and incredibly fun touch. Just be sure to check with your guests beforehand to make sure they don't have any nut-specific allergies! At the Table
Once your guests are seated, give them something to snack on by putting out a few bowls of nuts, chocolate covered nuts, pretzels, and dried fruit. These yummy snacks are just the right size and type for snacking, plus, they're easy to serve up, they're not messy, and most guests will love the selection! At the Dessert Bar
Serve up some nutty desserts at your reception instead of wedding cake, like peanut butter pie, pecan pie, carrot cake garnished with walnuts, or other desserts that feature the smooth, buttery flavor of all of your favorite nuts. Nut Wedding Favors
Finally, send your guests home with something they'll really enjoy by setting up a Nut Wedding Favor table complete with large glass jars of nuts and favor boxes or bags that can be filled up with the nuts of your guests' choice! As a special touch, include some chocolates and chocolate covered nuts or dried fruit so that your guests can make up a yummy trail mix for the road! Get the supplies you need for the perfect Nut Wedding Favors at

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