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Peanut Brittle Like Grandma Used To Make

If you love peanut brittle, but donít love making it yourself because of the mess and fuss, order some delicious peanut brittle from Superior Nut Company.

We make peanut brittle the same way you do or your grandma did Ė by heating a sugar and water mixture to about 300 degrees Fahrenheit to get 99% concentrated sugar. Then we mix in salty, delicious peanuts, fresh roasted on site here at Superior Nut in Cambridge, MA. Add in some gooey, rich peanut butter, salt and baking soda, beaten to frothing, poured out, spread thin and cooled. Once the brittle is hard, we smash it up, package it and send it right to your door. And maybe sneak a piece for ourselves. And why not? Peanut brittle is a sweet way to get some peanuts into your diet.

Peanuts have been shown to be high in arginine, an amino acid thatís known to boost blood flow. That means that peanuts can cut cardiovascular disease risks. Weíre not doctors, so we canít say what the sugar in the peanut brittle is good for, but we do know that those nuts will also give you a boost in magnesium and antioxidants.

The key to making peanut brittle or any gooey treat is speed and precision. Let us worry about the clean-up and let us worry about making sure that every step of the preparations is just right.

You can get our delicious peanut brittle in one pound bags, a ten pound case or an attractive gift tin (which comes with an optional personalized greeting card). But even better than that is our newest addition to our lineup of brittles Ė chocolate peanut brittle. Itís like the peanut brittle you already know and love enrobed in creamy milk chocolate. Buy the ten pound case Ė youíll need it.

Superior Nut Company has been creating delicious, fresh-roasted nuts since 1929, when we began in a basement in Somerville, MA. By 1979, we had moved to our modern four-story headquarters in Cambridge, where we ship our nuts and confections all over the world. We are committed to producing the finest nuts in the world and have been recognized for our social and environmental conscience, including the EPAís Environmental Merit Award.

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