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Peanut Who? Pistachio Butter is King!

It's a lunchtime staple for kids across the country. Peanut butter and jelly (known in some circles as PB&J) can be found in lunchboxes from coast to coast. But we here at Superior Nut Store have just one question— why should peanuts have all the fun? Frankly, we love pistachio butter for its tastiness, versatility, and overall great taste. Try making the switch from peanut butter to pistachio butter. It might be the best experiment you ever made.

Will my kids know the difference? Your kids will certainly be able to tell the difference between peanut butter and pistachio butter. But pistachio butter from Superior Nut Store has a few things that your average, ordinary, everyday peanut butter doesn't. First of all, you can get pistachio butter in chocolate flavors. That's right! Our fresh pistachio butter comes in both chocolate and white chocolate. Imagine how delicious your kids' pistachio butter and jelly sandwich will be... just a hint of chocolate to keep them happy! Mix strawberry jelly with the chocolate pistachio butter for a sweet and savory lunchtime treat. Or mix raspberry jelly with white chocolate pistachio butter. Your kids will know the difference, and they'll love it!

Why is pistachio butter so great? Beyond being extraordinarily delicious, pistachio butter is a very healthy snack. It's good for more than just your kids' lunches. You can use it as a fruit dip, or you can put some over ice ream. Pistachio butter is a great way to eat some heart healthy food without sacrificing taste. There are countless benefits to pistachio butter. You'll get an important amino acid arginine, a high level of polyphenol antioxidants, mony- and polyunsaturated fats, and a good deal of potassium. Healthy food never tasted so good!

Go ahead and make pistachio butter a staple in your house. Before you know it, you'll be putting it on your toast in the morning with a little bit of jam. You'll be dipping apples in it at snack time. And we know from personal experience that you'll probably end up eating it straight out of the tub. (There's not shame in that. Pistachio butter is too delicious to let any little bit go to waste!) Enjoy the health benefits and the great taste of pistachio butter from Superior Nut Store!

Need Help? Call Us Toll Free (800)295-4093