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Celebrate Autumn With A Pumpkin Seed (Or Thirty!)

When fall rolls around, it's time to start thinking about Halloween, leaves, pie, and holiday fun. But you can't forget about snacking! Here at Superior Nut Store, we want to make sure that you have all of the great pumpkin seed products that autumn has to offer. After all, what's better than some delicious pumpkin seed flavor when you're sitting outside enjoying a football game? And nothing beats munching on a pumpkin seed while you're curled up with a fresh mug of hot apple cider. You'll love all the pumpkin seed items you can get hereó and you'll see that they're good roasted, toasted, or raw.

Feeling Salty? Or No?
If you like to eat your pumpkin seed with a bit of salt, then we have the right thing for you! Our Salted in Shell Pumpkin Seeds are roasted to absolute perfection. You'll have fun eating them yourself... but there are few things cuter than watching a kid enjoy his or her first pumpkin seed. They're the highest quality pumpkin seeds you'll be able to find, and once you try them you won't settle for any less. You can get these great pumpkin seed products here at Superior Nut Store in either a 14 ounce bag or a 10 pound case. However you like to get your pumpkin seeds, we've got you covered.

The same thing goes for our delicious unsalted pumpkin seed products. So if you're craving a little snack but don't want any salt, you can dig in to a 14 ounce bag or a 10 pound case of some yummy Unsalted in Shell Pumpkin Seeds. You have a lot of options here!

What's a Pepita?
Here at Superior Nut Store, we also have some other pumpkin seed products that might suit your fancy. Do you know what a pepita is? A pepita is an edible type of pumpkin seed that is usually flat, oval, and light green in color. These pumpkin seed options are a popular ingredient in Mexican cuisines, but you can get them here to eat as a delicious snack. On top of being absolutely scrumptious, these pumpkin seed variations are high in protein, phosphorous, and iron. So you can enjoy them as much as you'd like. They're perfect for snacking, but they are also great for thickening sauces or as a garnish. Who knew a pumpkin seed could do so much?

Check out these and other great pumpkin seed products right here at Superior Nut Store.

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