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Raw Almonds: More than Just Delicious

We know you love raw almonds from Superior Nut Company because they are fresh, crunchy, and delicious. But they are so much more than that. Raw almonds are a great addition to your trail mixes, snack trays, ice creams, and desserts. Who would have thought that something that was so tasty could actually have so many benefits for you physically? Almonds are one of the super foods, and they deserve that title! They're very healthy, and we're going to tell you exactly what raw almonds can do for you.

Raw almonds are heart-healthy Nuts, in general, are great heart-healthy snacks. But raw almonds actually contain several phytochemicals that contribute to a healthy heart. A handful of raw almonds a day can help reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering your LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol by up to ten percent. Cholesterol is a growing problem among Americans, and if you can help fix it without sacrificing taste, you might as well go for it. If that's not enough reason to eat raw almonds, we don't know what is.

Raw almonds may aid in weight loss Raw almonds used to be considered fattening. This isn't necessarily the case. Granted, almonds can be high in fat and calories, but they can also aid in weight loss. A study comparing two groups of dieters proves it. The two groups were eating the same amount of calories, but one group got 500 of those calories from raw almonds. That group actually lost more weight. Why? The theory behind this is that almond cell walls may limit the amount of fat that we can digest and absorb. There's yet another reason to enjoy raw almonds as a healthy snack!

Raw almonds are a great source of protein This is true for pretty much all nuts. And that's why Superior Nut Company loves providing our customers with this delicious and healthy snack. But raw almonds are extraordinarily high in protein. Each almond is about 18 percent protein, and they contain virtually zero carbohydrates. So raw almonds are a great snack for people with blood sugar issues, such as diabetics and pre-diabetics.

So there you have it. Raw almonds are one of the healthiest snacks you can find. Sprinkle them on your salads and take them for lunch. Enjoy the health benefits as you enjoy the delicious taste of raw almonds from Superior Nut Company.

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