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Raw Cashews: Uncommon Nutrition

You love raw cashews because they’re so delicious—but they’re also extremely nutritious. The cashew nut is the sweet products of the cashew tree, and it’s steadily gained popularity in North America and Europe because of its flavor and health benefits. There are many different ways to enjoy raw cashews. They’re a good snack choice because they contain a mix of nutrients that is actually uncommon in many other foods. That’s why Superior Nut Store has such a variety of these amazing little snacks. You can enjoy them on desserts, in salads, as a garnish, or on their own. The opportunities are endless.

The raw cashews that we eat are actually the seeds found on the end of a fruit called the cashew apple. Unfortunately, cashew trees are native to South America, and the cashew apples are too delicate to export. But we can still enjoy the nutritional benefits of raw cashews! These nuts are fully loaded with nutritional content. A raw cashew contains five grams of protein per ounce, and it also has high levels of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, and manganese. All of these are great holistic health solutions and part of a healthy diet.

Raw cashews have a relatively high fat content—but it’s what’s considered “good fat.” They have the perfect ratio of fat: 1:2:1 for saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated. This is optimal for your ideal health. So even though raw cashews have a high fat content, they are still considered to be a “low fat” nut. Raw cashews contain less fat per serving than many other popular nuts on the market—including almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and pecans. (Though we really can’t argue with the fact that they’re all incredibly delicious.) If you’re looking to lose weight, consider eating raw cashews in moderation. They have a high energy density and a high amount of dietary fiber—and both of those things are beneficial in effective weight management.

You’ll love all of the delicious raw cashews here at Superior Nut Store. We have raw giant cashews, raw cashews halves, raw cashew pieces, raw whole cashews, and raw organic cashews. No matter how you decide you want your cashews nuts, you’ll be able to find them right here. There’s no better time to try a delicious and nutritious snack like raw cashews.

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