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Sweeten Up Your Fundraiser with Rock Candy on a Stick!

There are seemingly endless ways to display and serve rock candy on a stick, with this sweet treat being both tasty and pretty! You can swizzle one in a cocktail, fill glass jars full of them at a candy buffet, or wrap a few together with a ribbon for a most memorable and appealing favor or present-topper. But today, we’re focusing on a fun and flavorful way that rock candy on a stick can help your fundraiser… well… rock! Incorporating candy into fundraising efforts is a common practice in general. Whether you offer people something small for each donation, or give them a chance to win a larger candy prize, this added incentive to donate can make a big difference. However, we thought up a way to bring even more fun to the fundraising table! Here’s the supplies you’ll need…
  • Rock candy on a stick in several flavors/colors
  • Sanding sugar
  • A large, deep dish or bowl
  • An eye-catching display table
  • Small prizes
  • A sign explaining what each color rock candy on a stick will win!
To get started, set up your fundraising table and chairs in a high traffic area. Let’s assume you’re hosting your fundraiser at a high school. Places to consider setting up are near the main entrance to the building, and near the cafeteria. Be careful not to place your table directly in the path of traffic, but close enough to those popular locations to be seen! A brightly-colored tablecloth and signage can help you draw more attention. Once you’re all set up, fill the large dish or bowl about 5” deep with sanding sugar. This is where you’ll be ‘planting’ the rock candy on a stick, candy-side down. Let’s assume you purchased 3 different flavors of rock candy. Next, you’ll have to decide what each person who donates a given amount of money can win if they pull that color. The winnings could be just about anything, though you’ll want to keep the dollar value low so you don’t ‘eat up’ your profits. Consider small toys from a grab bag, such as buttons, pens, erasers, etc. Take advantage of items from the dollar store that come 10-or-12 to a pack! Let’s say the donation amount is set at $2, and you have ‘planted’ Grape, Blue Raspberry and Watermelon rock candy sticks. For one of those colors, the prize can simply be the rock candy stick itself. For another, the prize can be the rock candy on a stick and 1 prize from the grab bag. For the third, the rock candy and 2 prizes from the grab bag. Even if someone doesn’t get a chance at the grab bag, they still get a sweet treat in their rock candy on a stick. And if they really wanted a tiny treasure, chances are good another $2 is coming your way for a second chance!

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