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Rock Candy Sticks: 10 Things You Never Knew!

Rock candy sticks are classic. At baseball games, weddings, or on the school bus, rock candy holds a special place in our hearts Ė and in our tummies! Most of us are used to enjoying these delectable sweet treats on their own, but did you know that they also have a place at the dinner table? Itís true!

Here are 10 fun facts about rock candy that youíll be sharing the next time you decide to enjoy it:

1. Rock candy is a confectionery mineral thatís made up of large sugar crystals. To make rock candy, a solution of sugar and water is made to crystallize on a stick, and when you use heated water, larger sugar crystals will form.

2. Did you know? It takes about 6-7 days to form sugar crystals for rock candy sticks. But itís definitely worth the wait!

3. Rock candy sticks can be present at every meal Ė as part of your coffee or tea service. Many people like to sweeten their tea by dissolving rock candy sticks into the cup. In fact, itís important in several tea cultures, including those of Germany and Hungary.

4. Candied sugar originally came from India and Iran, where it is known as mishri, gand, or kalakanda. Before rock candy was given fruit flavors, it was flavored with either ambergris (from sperm whales) or the essences of flowers.

5. In China, rock candy sticks are used to sweeten Chrysanthemum tea, Cantonese dessert soups, and even some kinds of liquor.

6. In India, many people enjoy rock candy as a mouth freshener after meals, especially since in that country, rock candy usually comes infused with aniseed.

7. In the Netherlands, bits of rock candy are baked into a special white bread called Fryske SŻkerbŰle.

8. Today, rock candy can be found in a rainbow of colors but originally, the first rock candy was either red or blue. Red rock candy was made with a dye from cochineal (insects) and blue rock candy was colored from indigo (plant).

9. The first rock candy confection sold in the US was sold during the 1970sís as white rock candy on a string.

10. The most popular flavors of rock candy sticks today are: cotton candy, cherry, watermelon, strawberry, grape, and blue raspberry. Yum!

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