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Sour Candy Crafts: Fun and Funky!

Have you ever thought about using sour candy in a craft project? The gummy sour candy here at Superior Nut Store is delicious to eat, but there are so many other things you can do with it. It’s a fun winter craft to tackle with the kids. When you’re crafting with sour candy, it’s important to get enough so that you have a few extra to munch on in the process! Sour candy works just as well as gummy candy for making some of these great craft projects. Gather the kids around, and get creative!

Sour Candy Theatre There’s no better way to instill creativity in your children than to let them pretend and use their imaginations. Fortunately, the sour candy here at Superior Nut Store comes in great shapes—Sour Patch Kids are ideal for this fun project. Help your kids put together a little play using the sour candy. Find things around the house to let them use as props. You can grab cardboard, markers, boxes, and construction paper. Then let the creativity run wild.

Have your kids create a little storyline to use for their sour candy play. They can transform the Sour Patch Kids into different characters. Give them time to rehearse the play—then have everyone gather around to see the drama unfold! When you’re done, you can eat the sour candy. (What better way to cap off a great performance!)

Sour Candy Bracelet You can show the world just how much you love sour candy by creating a fun piece of jewelry. Simply stick a straight pin through the sour candy piece—be careful with the pin. Then dip the sour candy into varnish for just a few seconds. Stick the pin into a piece of clay to dry, and repeat with other pieces of sour candy. Once the candy is dry, remove the sour candy from the pins. Then thread some elastic through the hole. How chic!

When you choose sour candy from Superior Nut Store, there are so many different things you can do. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing some sour candy just to eat—after all, that’s what it was made for!

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