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Boston Fruit Slices Top Off Your Occasion

Whether it's to garnish a special dish or top off a personalized gift basket made at home, Boston fruit slices are a great choice for adding a finishing touch. These are unwrapped candies about the size of lemon slices traditionally added to iced tea. They are easily stored for six months or longer in any dry and cool location, such as your home pantry. In fact, many gourmets keep these candies on hand in their pantries to use in a variety of recipes as garnishes! You’ll find a full range of flavors in Boston fruit slices from, including peach, orange, cherry, watermelon, pink grapefruit and many others. They are available at the best prices in a one pound bag or by the five or ten pound case. Take a look at some fresh ideas about how to use and serve these fruit slices. Manufacturing
For more than 50 years, Boston fruit slices have been made with the finest flavors and ingredients. They are certified Kosher Pareve, so everyone can enjoy holiday dishes made with them. They are designed to resemble fruit slices and capture the flavors of specific fruits listed on each product. Enjoy experimenting with the aesthetic appeal and tastes of different combinations. Recipe Possibilities
A classic use for fruit slices is as a garnish for fruity drinks. Bring a splash of color to beverages with the lemon-lime or blue raspberry slices. You could set them out as a candy dish as a pretty centerpiece. The shape of these treats lends itself to beautiful and colorful arrangements. Lemon and watermelon slices can easily be transformed into sunflowers or daisies with a little imagination! Boston fruit slices could also be used as a pie or cake garnish. Key lime pie could use lime or lemon-lime slices in place of or alongside real lime slices. Chocolate pie could provide a little kick with cherry slices. Desserts are like any other recipe in that presentation is half the battle. Boston fruit slices will bring a special touch to your preparations and make your desserts look unforgettable. Add these garnishing sweets to your pantry for a pop of color, sweetness, and flavor in your favorite recipes.

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