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Malted Milk Balls: A Great Variety of Flavors to Choose From!

As one of the traditional candy favorites and a special treat of the holidays, malted milk balls make a great choice for gifts. They are easily personalized as well. Everyone is familiar with this candy (it’s a classic!), but few people have relished the taste of this candy made with the highest quality ingredients. Fewer still have tasted the delight of unique blends you can make at home! Malted milk balls are a favorite for their unique taste – and the variety of flavors these candies come in is just incredible! At, we’re proud to include malted milk balls as part of our selection of candy. Variety of Flavors
Classic milk chocolate is the flavor most of us learned to associate with the candy, but a stunning variety of flavors is possible without any extra work on your part. Imagine the tasty delight of mixing milk chocolate with real maple syrup over malted milk balls. You could also revel in the deliciousness of a white, dark, and milk chocolate blended shell. Do you have a loved one with a taste for the bitter notes of espresso? Or perhaps you have a friend who adores the refreshing tastes of peppermint and blueberry? These styles are available alongside peanut butter, French vanilla, mint cookie, pumpkin spice, coffee and cream, and many other options! Just check out our malted milk ball selection and you’ll find a wealth of favorites to choose from. Gourmet's Delight
Amateur chefs and do-it-yourself enthusiasts can enjoy the experience of making their own recipes for malted milk balls. The balls can be purchased alone in bulk for months of fabulous snacking just the way you want it! The choice is up to you. Choose a favorite flavor of malted milk balls and dip in a sweet topping, like caramel, chocolate, or strawberry sauce. Top cakes with crushed up malted milk balls or add them into cookies, brownies, and bars. Fondue milk balls are an interesting way to start a dinner party and take care of the dessert at the same time. This is one birthday party idea that every child will enjoy! Whether it's a baby shower party favor, a Halloween treat for the neighborhood tricksters or a candy dish that changes with the holidays, you'll have more options with this classic candy. Enjoy pre-made flavors or make your own shells with unique combinations. A delightful array of possibilities exists with our malted milk balls selection.

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