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The Story of Jordan Almonds

Jordan almonds were once known as a premium treat fit for royalty, and have maintained a steady presence over the years at formal celebrations. Up until the 15th Century, the slightly bitter almonds were sweetened with a honey coating before sugar became more readily available. In traditional Italy, Jordan almonds were classified as “confetti,” a grouping that included dried fruit and seeds.

Jordan Almonds as wedding favors and party favors

Over the years, Jordan almonds have appeared at events like weddings, bridal showers, anniversary parties, and graduations. They remain most popular among the Greek and Italian cultures, and ancient folklore says a bride-to-be who sleeps with Jordan almonds under her pillow will dream of her husband.

These treats are available in a variety of colors to correspond with life milestones. For instance, red Jordan almonds signify graduation and green Jordan almonds signify engagements. Yellow Jordan almonds, pink Jordan almonds or blue Jordan almonds traditionally appear at baby showers or baptism celebrations. White Jordan almonds are traditional wedding favors, while lavender Jordan almonds are popular for same-sex marriages. The candy can be ordered in just about any color, however, to coordinate with the bridal colors at a wedding-related event or the school team colors at a graduation-related event. Kosher Jordan almonds are also available for those following the kosher diet.

Jordan Almonds meaning

Traditionally, five almonds are placed inside a small gift box and presented to each guest, often with a poem that reads:

“Five sugared almonds for each guest to eat
To remind us that life is both bitter and sweet.
Five wishes for the new husband and wife --
Health, wealth, happiness, children, and a long life!”

Five may seem like a strange number of almonds, but it bears great significance. Odd numbers are considered lucky in some cultures, while other cultures simply consider an odd number indivisible, just as a new marital union should be.

The taste of a Jordan almond also relates to a newly formed marital union. The slightly bitter nut contrasts sharply with the hardened sugar coating, relating to the “for better or worse” line in traditional wedding vows. While Jordan almonds hold great significance for wedding events, they are a popular and classy treat at any formal gathering.

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